The Power of Awareness: What Differentiates The Rich From The Poor

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Today, I chose to mediate on the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 13, verses 10-17. This passage delves into the disciples’ inquiry about Jesus’ use of parables.

Jesus response was something like: “Hey, you have been with me throughout this time. You probably understand where I’m coming from. These people don’t know me. Hence, if I tell them exactly what I’ve told you, they’re probably not gonna get it. So, a story is likely a better starting point.”

He then makes a potentially controversial statement,

To anyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich; from anyone who has not, even what he has will be taken away. ~Mt 13:12

In context with the disciples situation, I took this statement to mean, “when you’re aware, you’ll be able to understand what I’m saying a little faster, implement it quicker, and do more with it because you can see more than other people can. Those who cannot see, most likely reject the idea right away. In their fear of not understanding what’s going on, they’re gonna push back on it all.”

I equate this resistance to staying attach the the way things have been and refusing to try new things for fear of the unknown. The more attach myself to a limited version of life while the world continues to evolve. The more I try to keep what I have, the less of the new world I experience.

Jesus statement may seem unfair but, I have come to see that the way the world works and its design uses a different definition of fairness as we do. We tend to think in earthly terms but the world behaves in spiritual terms.

If I’m aware of what God is trying to tell me, it’s gonna be much easier for me to follow a path where I don’t need absolute answers, other than stepping forward in faith. In contrast, if I don’t understand how God is working in my life, I’m just gonna push back and try to stay comfortable in what I know and have.

  • I’m gonna have to protect myself.
  • I’m gonna be self sabotaging in a way.
  • I’m gonna watch all the answers before I go take that step.

To me, the main difference between the rich and the poor is their level of awareness. The more aware I am of God’s message and plans for me, the more joyful life becomes, and the less I need. The more I get caught up in the haste of daily life, the less likely I am to hear God’s voice. The more disconnected from God, the harder life gets and the more I need.

What’s your take on Jesus’ response?

In peace,


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