You Deserve A Life Worthy of You

Hello, I’m Juan and I welcome your presence

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The Short and Sweet – Who is Juan

I have a passionate desire to help you rediscover your capacity to create a life worthy of you.

After failing even when I followed the best practices and societal advice, I chose start living my way.

An adventure that led to writing a book, training leaders, and helping hundreds of others express themselves fully.

The individuals I partner with don’t want to be told what to do. They are simply looking for insight about who they are, what they truly want, and have a clear way forward.

This is all about your voice, your world, your standout way.

What I WANT you to know

  • I have an uncanny ability to ask what others are afraid to ask so that you experience insights
  • I am gifted at listening for what’s not said and help you feel safe to discuss your challenges
  • I have a caring way to remind you of who you are and what you are capable of

What I DON’T want you to know

  • I let my passion for serving others hide my lack of humility to ask and receive help from others
  • suffer from perfectionism and it’s easy for me to self-judge and kill my dreams out of fear of failure
  • fear that what I truly want for my life is so different that I won’t have a place to belong

I Lived a Lie For 30 Years!

My name is Juan and I believe you not only have the capacity to control your life; you deserve to create it.

It’s confusing to have a nice paying job, a comfortable home, and experience success, but still feel like something is off.

To others, I had nothing to complain about. Yet, I felt like I was living someone else’s life. I didn’t belong.

Then, I got “fired ” from the job and life felt like it was crashing down.

How is it possible to follow the best advices from my parents, society’s best practices, and met expectations but still fail?

After going through the mental breakdown, I was reminded of the turning points in my life and discovered that all successes were directly influenced by someone else’s opinion of “what I should do or who I should be.”

  • I was good enough to be offered a professional baseball contract but I started playing because my dad wanted me to play a sport
  • I had a nice 6-figure salary as an actuary because that’s what my mom suggested I should do with my math skills
  • I managed a pricing team responsible for $4 billion in revenue because I followed the corporate behavioral guidelines.

These are great life outcomes but the insight came from noticing they all started with someone else’s opinion and influence.

From that moment on, I decided…

“…if I can fail following what others consider best practices, I might as well try to do it my way and see what happens.

Six years after that decision, I was fired again! BUT…

What was a life and identity crisis before, became a catalyst of happiness and freedom because I left that company having created what I wanted, the way I wanted, and help many others do the same.

Would You Love To Create a Life That’s An Extension of Who You are?

5 steps to create a life worthy of you

There’s no cookie cutter recipe to create a life that fits you like a glove. But I do find there’s process to transforming your life.

The steps are simple: challenge, discover, claim, filter, and welcome.

Implementing the steps? It’s the journey of a lifetime.

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Partner with a virtual tech consultant

You shouldn’t be enslaved by your online business tech

  • You know what you want from your website, but you don’t want to waste time figuring out how to do it?
  • You can learn the tools but need a little guidance and strategy?
  • Your time is limited to learn the tech?

From connecting domains to setting up sales funnels, I can take care of settings things for you so that you can focus on the bigger picture and doing more of what you love.