The Sower’s Perspective: Planting Seeds of Goodwill

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“…A sower went out to sow…” ~ Mt 13: 3b

Today’s Gospel from Matthew, chapter 13, verses one through nine, shares the familiar parable of the sower of seeds.

I’d like to step back from the usual analogy of us representing the different type of soil and explore a different perspective.

What if we are the sowers?

Imagine going through life as the sower, throwing seeds of goodwill and kindness without specific expectations or demands. Instead of focusing on where the seed lands or the type of soil it encounters, we simply let it flourish as it may.

Notice that Jesus didn’t share any predetermined ranking for the outcomes. He simply describes the different scenarios and to illustrate the type of followers.

So, what type of sower are you?

  • Are you the one who intentionally plants seeds in favorable environments and expected certain outcomes due to your faith?
  • Are you the one who goes about their journey, generously spreading seeds without being preoccupied with the results?

I dabble in both extremes and everything in between.

It’s intriguing to realize that the parable doesn’t link specific outcomes to a fixed strategy. Instead, it suggests a sense of liberation in not being confined by rigid expectations. The sower freely scatters seeds, aware that some will grow, while others may face challenges or get lost amidst the thorns.

  • What if we embraced this perspective in life?
  • How much easier and less stressful would it be if we minded our own business, compassionately sowing seeds of goodwill? and
  • Used our unique talents to benefit the world, without constantly tracking what we get in return?

Being strategic can be helpful, but I’m prompted to allow the seeds of kindness and love to be sown without being overly concerned about where they land. The sower’s focus is not on controlling the results but rather on trusting in the divine process.

As we embrace the perspective of the sower, we find freedom in sowing seeds of goodwill, casting away fear and anxiety about specific results. Instead, we let our acts of kindness and love take root and flourish in their own time.

Food for thought: What if you adopted the sower’s mindset in your own life? How might it change your approach to sharing goodwill and kindness with others?

In peace,


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